Center for Artistic Development

The Center for Artistic Development, Inc. is a non-profit Brooklyn-based organization whose mission is to reach out to kids from low-income families who reside in the Coney Island area and improve their social life through the promotion of aesthetic development, fitness, dance, friendship and fun. This is achieved by teaching different forms of art and organizing creative activities such as competitions, shows, exhibitions and cultural events both in and outside our neighborhood.

We at the Center for Artistic Development believe that involvement in the arts promotes a healthy and friendly environment for our community and encourages strength, happiness and safety.

Founded in 2004, The Center for Artistic Development, Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) with a multidisciplinary art curricula that provides opportunities for the youth of the Coney Island neighborhood to participate in afterschool art programs.

This website was built with funding from the 2009 JPMorgan Chase Regrand Program administrated by the Brooklyn Arts Council, Inc (BAC).

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The Center for Artistic Development, Inc.

2880 West 12 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11224.

Phone: (718) 510-2333.

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